What Does Your Website Say About You?

Does your website represent you effectively?

Does it get people excited  about  your venue?

Is it up to date: responsive and mobile ready?


Does A Fresh New Website Seem Out Of Reach?

We get it! You may not have the time or the know how to update your website. And you aren’t some big company with a huge budget to get your website overhauled.

So how can you compete?

We Are Here To Offer A Solution!


(1) You choose from our online design options to be customized

shopping-cart-hand-drawn-tool   calendar-hand-drawn-tool chat-bubbles-couple-hand-drawn-outlines

(2) You select what works best for you for payments and we schedule a meeting

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(3) Once we’ve collected all your content we get started working our magic

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(4) We make sure your brand new site is optimized for web & fully responsive

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(5) Once you love it and approve, we publish your site to your  hosting provider

Ready To Get Started?

We keep our costs low by providing customization services on single- and mutli-page sites that are catered to the brewery and restaurant industry. We have over 2 decades of experience working with the service industry in both graphic and web design services. It is because of this experience that we know sometimes it is the upfront cost of a new website that deters owners from moving forward. In light of this, we offer 5 convenient payment options to our clients.

Ready to have a brand new website? Use the form on the left to contact us and get started!

Why Take This Step With iAmRWood?

There are a ton of options out there to upgrade your site!

So why should you hire us?

We are a small community of designers, writers and coders with a passion for small businesses. But not just any small business. We focus our attention on microbreweries and restaurants who love craft beer! Why? Well, besides the fact that we too are lovers of all things craft beer, we understand that running these businesses takes time, money and balance.

It is our goal to provide a high quality service at affordable rates. There are “free” options for building a website, but how much is the time you are going to spend trying to figure the process and design out going to cost you? There are bigger firms that you could go with… but the connection we are able to offer as a boutique firm is priceless.

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The Next Step

Use this form to get a detailed quote. By telling us exactly what you have, don’t have and want we can get the wheels turning on how to create an extraordinary customized website for you at an affordable rate.

Some Details:
Single Page Site: This just means that your content is centrally located on a single page. This design includes up to 5 content sections which can include: visual header/banner, an about us section, a contact/location section, beers section, and a footer area. Want to include a Find Our Beer map search? We’ve got you covered!
Multi Page Site: This takes the single page site and breaks it up into multiple pages. Similar to the Single Page Site this includes up to 5 pages including your index, about us page, beer list, and contact page.
Ecommerce Enabled: Do you have the BEST SWAG EVER? Want to sell it on your site? We can do that for you too. From t-shirts to stickers we can put together your own online shop in a jiffy.

In addition to awesome web designers we have a team of creatives who offer Add On Services like: content creation, photography, and branding. Of course you absolutely don’t have to use our services for these items… but if you want to, we are here to help you through the whole process.